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Youth soccer club in Brooklyn, New York. Since 1996.



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Our History

Chernomorets USA Youth soccer school was founded in 1996 by coaches Aleksandr Rozenshtraukh and Boris Kraytman and Merit coach of Ukraine Matvey Cherkassky.

When these three highly experienced, talented individuals came to the United States and became aware of the growing interest toward soccer as a sport, they decided to unite and create a soccer program.

They shared a common philosophy – playing soccer is beneficial in all aspects. This sport teaches discipline, promotes health, and intensifies friendships.

Originally, they started with only five participants, each different age and one Brooklyn school. As time went on, their hard work and loyal involvement paid off. Their effective practices attracted many people and each year the number of players has been growing. The increase allowed for the use of more schools during cold and rainy weather and outdoor soccer fields under pleasant conditions. In addition, the training spread to Staten Island.

Their love for soccer, their commitment to keep the younger population focused on education and sports allowed Aleksandr Rozenshtraukh, Boris Kraytman, and Matvey Cherkassky bring success to their school.

Today Chernomorets is a Soccer Club, with players ranging 3-17 years old, grouped into age-appropriate teams, participating in various tournaments and having eight professional coaches supporting them all the way. Not only does Chernomorets provide training throughout a year, but it also functions as a Sports Program during school winter, spring, and summer recess.

What Makes Us Unique

Chernomorets Soccer Club (CSC) is NOT just a sports club.  We are a community.  We value our children’s parents’ involvement.  We welcome new ideas and appreciate our parents’ initiative, suggestions, decision-making, and participation on the field.  We join families at holiday gatherings, parent meetings, and soccer games.

At CSC we exercise a reward system on weekly and monthly basis.  We recognize each player’s effort and honor everyone’ commitment.

CSC has created an environment in which you, as a parent, become part of a team and your child, as a player, becomes part of a family. We are one team – Chernomorets Soccer Club!

Our Achievements

Soccer Coliseum Tournament U-11 B Champions 2012
New York Championship U-16 A Champions 2011-2012
New York Championship u-10 b Runners-Up 2011-2012
New York Championship U-9 C 2nd Place 2011-2012
New York Championship U-8 C 2nd Place 2011-2012
Fundamental Soccer Academy Champions League 2011
Hershey Cup U-10 Winners 2011
Russel Timoshenko Memorial Soccer Cup Veterans Sports Association U-10 Winners 2011
New York Championship U-14 B 2nd Place 2010
New York Championship City Cup U-12 2nd Place 2010
New York Championship U-19 Junior Runners-Up 2008
Brooklyn Patriots Memorial Day Tournament U-12 1st Place 2008
New York Championship U-16 B Runners-Up 2008
Soccer Coliseum Tournament U-19 Champions 2008
Aviator Soccer Summer League 1st Place 2007
New York Championship U-19 A Champions 2007
New York Championship U-16 Runners-UP 2007
New York Championship U-11 B Runners-Up 2007
New York Championship U-19 Champions 2006
New York Championship U-14 A Runners-Up 2006
Brooklyn Cup U-15 Winners 2005
Dr. Shneider Cup U-19 Winners 2005
Chernomorets Winter Cup U-19 Winners 2005
New York Championship U-14 B Champions 2004
New York Championship U-11 Runners-Up 2004
Chernomorets Winter Cup U-19 Winners 2004
Chernomorets Summer Cup U-19 Winners 2004
Soccer Coliseum Tournament U-11 2nd place 2004
Asphalt Green Tournament U-15 Winners 2003
Asphalt Green Tournament U-13 Champions 2003
Asphalt Green Tournament U-10 Champions 2003
Cotenisa NY Confraternidad Hispana Tournament U-10 Champions 2003
Jamaica Maroons Martin Luther King Tournament U-10 2nd place 2003
Jamaica Maroons Martin Luther King Tournament U-12 Champions 2003
New York Championship U-10 Champions 2003
Soccer Coliseum Tournament U-16 2nd Place 2003
New York Championship U-19 Champions 2002-2003
New York Championship U-16 2nd Place 2002-2003
Challenge State Cup U-19 Semifinal 2002-2003
Brooklyn Patriots Winter Indoor Tournament U-10 2nd place 2002
Hofstra University Tournament U-16 2nd Place 2002
Hofstra University Tournament U-10 2nd Place 2002
Hudson Valley Classic Tournament U-13 2nd Place 2002
Inter-league U-10 2nd Place 2002
New York Championship U-16 B Champions 2001-2002
New York Championship U-12 2nd Place 2001-2002
New York Championship U-10 Champions 2001-2002
Soccer Coliseum Tournament U-12 Champions 2001
Liga Argentina de Futbol Copa U-12 Champions 2001
Challenge State Cup U-16 Quarterfinal 2000-2001
Challenge State Cup U-13 Quarterfinal 2000-2001
Soccer Coliseum Tournament U-12 2nd Place 2000
16th Indoor FIAO tournament U-14 2nd Place 1999-2000
16th Indoor FIAO Tournament U-8 Champions 1999-2000
16th Outdoor FIAO Tournament U-8 Champions 1999-2000
Brooklyn Patriots Columbus Tournament U-10 Champion 1999
Brooklyn Patriots Columbus tournament U-8 2nd Place 1999
15th Indoor FIAO tournament U10 2nd Place 1998-1999
15th Indoor FIAO Tournament U8 Champions 1998
Brooklyn Racquet club U-16 Champions 1998
New York Dynamo Soccer Tournament U-10 Champions

Additional Information and Accommodations

We are a non-for profit tax exempt soccer organization.

We provide transportation for most Brooklyn neighborhoods. We accommodate families with various transport-related situations (e.g. working late hours, not owning a vehicle). You can have your child either picked up or dropped off, or both. We make sure our every active participant has an easy access to the practice.