Our History

Chernomorets USA Youth soccer school was founded in 1997 by coach Aleksandr Rozenshtraukh, Aleksandr Shlimov, with participation of Matvey Cherkassky and Gary Korenberg.

They shared a common philosophy – playing soccer is beneficial in all aspects. This sport teaches discipline, promotes health, and intensifies friendships.

Originally, they started with only five participants, each different age and one Brooklyn school. As time went on, their hard work and loyal involvement paid off. Their effective practices attracted many people and each year the number of players has been growing. The increase allowed for the use of more schools during cold and rainy weather and outdoor soccer fields under pleasant conditions. In addition, the training spread to Queens and Staten Island.

Their love for soccer, their commitment to keep the younger population focused on education and sports allowed Aleksandr Rozenshtraukh, Aleksandr Shlimov, Matvey Cherkassky and Boris Kraytman bring success to their school.

Today Chernomorets is a Soccer Club, with players ranging 3-13 years old, grouped into age-appropriate teams, participating in various tournaments and having professional coaches supporting them all the way. Not only does Chernomorets provide training throughout a year, but it also functions as a Sports Program during school winter, spring, and summer recess.

Additional Information and Accommodations

We are a non-for profit tax exempt soccer organization.

We provide transportation for most Brooklyn neighborhoods. We accommodate families with various transport-related situations (e.g. working late hours, not owning a vehicle). You can have your child either picked up or dropped off, or both. We make sure our every active participant has an easy access to the practice.


For questions or information:

917.721.7883 Sasha

917.721.7365 Ilya

347.330.5252 Gary