We offer Sports Programs during all school breaks in Winter, Spring and Summer.

Summer Sports Program

Chernomorets Soccer Club operates as Summer Sports Program from the first day summer recess begins and continues for 8,5 weeks. During this time, active Chernomorets soccer participants reinforce their soccer skills and the newcomers are encouraged to take part in daily practices. In addition, inter and intra tournaments take place, followed by award ceremony for the winners.

Since we have children 6-13 years old, we form and organize age-appropriate groups and activities.

Before or after soccer practices, children go to the beach and enjoy highly supervised swimming. For those who prefer not to get ocean splashes, stay with a couple of coaches in the park, where they spend time on the playground or play games such as basketball, handball, racquetball to name a few.

Additional activities include movie theater, bowling alley, ping-pong, billiards, field trips and picnics.

Our program offers breakfast and nutritious, delicious lunch. After the tasty meal, children work on projects or play games.

For more information, please contact 917.721.7883.




We offer a variety package to account for your time and budget.  We present a choice of number of weeks you would like your child to participate. There are no limitations or minimum quantity of weeks a child must attend. However, the more weeks you select, the less money you spend.

Breakfast, lunch at a restaurant, movie theater, bowling alley, swimming pool, billiards, and other entertaining as well as educational activities are included in the price.


1. Sunblock
2. Cap
3. Soccer ball
4. Shin guards
5. Extra shirt
6. Swim suit
7. Flip flops
8. ‘Pocket change’ (e.g. ice-cream, arcades, etc.)

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